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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

by LaReine Chabut

Covid-19 notice: We are moving all our events online for now with Zoom wine tastings, DIY Group Spa treatments, Dance Parties, Moms Night IN and more. Please make sure you are signed up for emails of these fun events!

“Mom-cation,” the latest trend made popular by social media, is a brief vacation where moms travel together or go without bringing their families. While the “mom-cation” can be a fun trip for moms, psychologists now suggest that moms traveling on their own can actually improve their family relationships in the long run.

As a mother of two and a best-selling author of health and wellness books including Lose That Baby Fat , I spent 15 years helping new moms bounce back after having babies with fitness boot camps. My lose that baby fat boot camps, focused on group training however there was always more to the boot camps than the actual workouts. Moms frequently had stories to share along with tears about how difficult it was to be a mom, or how bad their marriage was now that they had kids along with many other concerns. As my own kids started getting older, I felt there was a need to begin another phase of motherhood, one where moms could focus on taking care of themselves rather than focusing on their weight. I knew there was something missing from these women’s lives and it was time to explore something new. This became the defining moment for creating “MomGevity.”

I started asking moms in my boot camps what they were looking for, what seemed to be missing, and what they felt was lacking. The resounding answer was a getaway--either an overnight or a weekend away to help bring back a sense of fun and camaraderie. Dancing, waking up late, simply regaining that single feeling they had before they had kids, was what my moms wanted most-- along with camaraderie. I took this new information to heart and started planning trips for the moms in my class…first it was an overnight at a friends house that had an abundance of space. Then it was at a spa hotel for a weekend getaway where the moms had no deadlines, and complete freedom from anyone wanting or needing them. All the moms left feeling “revitalized and recharged” which compelled me to create MomGevity; getaways that nourish the mind, body and soul.

Fast-forward a year and a half later, where MomGevity has expanded into not only getaways for moms but also includes events throughout California featuring wine tastings, the latest in aesthetics to help moms look and feel their best, spa treatments, and more. For Mother's Day, The LA Times did an article including MomGevity as one of the top 5 getaways in the world. Due to the overwhelming response after the LA Times article came out, MomGevity has become a membership group that now celebrates camaraderie with other mom’s with an annual membership. Moms can sign up online and enjoy membership benefits such as first access to beauty events, discount pricing on aesthetics, discount access to weekend getaways at 5 star hotels, wine tastings, spa services, group fitness classes, social gatherings & more.

To find out more about MomGevity and how to join, click here MomGevity .

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